Online Counseling Overview

Step 1: Register, Login and Complete Quit Plan

Register: Setup user name, and password

Login: Enter user name and password on login screen

Complete Quit Plan: Complete cessation excercises on the left hand side of screen. Setting a planned quit date is the last step.

Step 2: Prepare for your quit date

A counselor will review your quit plan and message you. While you wait on this message, start getting ready for your quit date.

Examples: Start smoking outside, Practice not smoking after meals, Delay smoking in the morning.

A counselor will ask for updates on what you have been doing to prepare. So, get busy!!

Step 3: Login and report your progress. (click "Send Message to Counselor")

You can let the counselors know how you are doing at any time. They will also message you and ask what you are doing to prepare for quitting. So, keep in touch.

Step 4: Quit on planned quit date

If eligible, NRT may be sent to you before your planned quit date. Ask a counselor if you are eligible.

A counselor will provide additional exercises for you to complete, and provide you with advice along the way. If you are having trouble quitting, let the counselors know.

Step 5: Stay In Touch

Let the counselors know how you are doing and ask them questions. They want to help.

Menu Icons:    = Locked    = Needs Completing    = Completed

Questions? Log into your account and click Send Message to Counselor. An online counselor will respond within one business day.